A thin cloud device management platform that helps customers to quickly integrate their IoT devices into their own cloud ( or 3rd party ) infrastructure.

The IoT Middleware will monitor the vitals of your device, like battery level or radio level signals. Handling firmware updates and forwarding the application payload to one or more external backends via standard REST API calls.

Device Management Platform
Access via UI or API

No UI thrills
A simple and basic interface to simply onboard and connect your devices.

Completely device data agnostic. We don’t know your payload!
MDW acts as connection between the IoT device and your platform and simply transports your data without the need to decode it

Designed for low power devices that are mostly offline.
MDW handles all the queuing of transmission to offline devices.

Simple and Efficient UDP protocol on the device ( Open Source ) – GTP ( Gimasi Transport Protocol )
Code example to implement the GTP UDP protocol will be released for multiple environments.

Onboard Forget ( API driven )
Ideally once the device has been onboarded and data flows to your backend you will probably never need to access the platform for the whole lifetime of your device.
Logically the MDW will expose an API for the final backend to manage all devices.

The UDP protocol encrypts data and signs packet with AES 128 keys.
Keys can be handled directly from the user backend so that the MDW will not maintain any keys.

Gimasi IoT Middleware will be soon open sourced, please check our GitHub page.