Gimasi has developed a seried of off the shelf devices, mostly aimed at fast POC delivery, but not only. Especially with our IoT Button family we can provide a full end 2 end solution for most of your Iot Applications.

GBoard modular IoT

Yet another modular approach to solve the IoT development tasks

Not a new approach.

Our approach is that our modular approach is a corner stone of a more complete set of products that can be used a professional devices on the field… and not as many alternative solution as simple developer boards.

This is the Multi IOT family of products.

GBoard CPU

- STM32L4
- ESP32
- Ambiq

GBoard Radio


GBoard Motherboards

- GBoard Mini

Multi IoT

Based on the GBoard modular architecture a family of production ready devices that can be used for POC or small production deployments.

IP65 cases, different battery options and full power of the GBoard modular approach.

Multi-IoT S

90x90x60 mm

LCD Display option

Up to 3 GBoard

- 2 x 25
- 1 x 50

Battery Powered

- Primary or Rechargeable
- Wireless charing option

Multi-IoT M

65x120x60 mm

On board GNSS

LCD Display option

Up to 4 GBoard Modules

- 3 x 25
- 1 x 50

Multiple Power Options

Battery Powered

- Primary or Rechargeable
- Wireless charign option

Multi-IoT L

120x120x60 mm

On board GNSS

LCD Display option

Battery Powered

Up to 4 GBoard Modules

- 3 x 25
- 1 x 50

Multiple Power Options

The Sensor

State of the art multifunction IoT Sensor

Available with multiple sensor options:

- Single or Dual High Accuracy +/- 0.1°C Temperature Sensor
- Humidity/Pressure
- CO2
- Accelerometer/Gyroscope
- Magnetometer
- Light Sensor
- Infrared 8x8 Array Sensor
- Microphone

Lora and NB1 rdio options

Barrery Operated – Multi Year lifetime

External sensors connector

Dimensions: 85x85x25mm


Tuino board is currently out of stock, but we are working on a new generation based on GBoard

IoT Buttons

The simplest but most flexible IoT product.

Gimasi has a different IoT buttons complete with a full cloud application for an immediate diplay.

For 2022 Gimasi updates it’s Simple Button Line of products

Simple Button Basic ( LoRaWAN only )

Entry level device

Simple Button 2022

- BLE support
- optional additional sensors: Temperature / Accelerometer / CO2

LCD Screen

LTE-M1/NB1 Device

The Service Button 2.0 will have the following options

- NFC reader
- Hall Sensor
- Temperature Sensor
- Accelerometer

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